Who Do You Talk To About Your Marital Issues


Be encouraged that no matter the mistakes you may have made in your past or in your marriage, when you lay it at the feet of Jesus, it is covered by His blood.

Therefore do not be concerned about how others condemn you or remind you of your past mistakes, instead try and avoid those people if you can or ask them to stop if they want to relate with you. Letting go of unhelpful relationships are sometimes necessary. Don’t let the enemy of your soul use people and their opinions to rob you of a great future.

It is possible, through forgiveness and reconciliation, to recover from past hurts and go on to have a thriving marriage you may never have thought was possible. It is very important, though, that once you have forgiven each other, that you do not remind each other of past mistakes.

If Christ does not condemn you, how dare anyone else or how dare you self-condemn?

Romans 8:1 NIV
[1] Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,

So having said this, be very careful who you discuss your marital issues with. This is a critical boundary in your marriage. You and your husband may be able to forgive each other and move on, but it could prove very difficult for your mother, father, close family, friends or other third parties to move on from the hurt that was caused by whoever and this tension can lead to strained relationships when the relationship between you and your husband has long been healed.

Marital issues should be discussed with trusted counselors you have both agreed on who will be objective, non-judgemental and honor confidentiality, amongst other qualities.