When you pour water in a cup, the water level rises until it reaches the brim.  At that point, the cup can no longer contain more water, so if more water is poured there will eventually be an overflow of water out of the cup.   The overflow is when the contents pour out or spill out.  When there is an overflow, the surroundings are affected.  In other words, everything in close proximity will get wet.  Your inner being can be likened to a cup that holds either healthy or unhealthy contents.  It’s only a matter of time until what is within you overflows.  People you interact with, especially those closest to you will feel the effect of what is contained within you, so you must take responsibility for your inner wellbeing.  Your words, actions, habits and character collectively make up your overflow.  Just like water that overflows from a cup, the seeds within our hearts will grow and others will feel the effects.  If you are a single woman who desires marriage, you must make it a habit to examine your heart.  Your spouse will spend a significant amount of time with you, so he will inevitably be affected by what overflows from within you.  What are you prepared to offer in marriage?  A wise single woman does not approach marriage with a parasitic mentality that focuses on “getting”, but she prepares to be a giver in marriage.

Have you ever taken some time to examine your overflow?  Are you overflowing with kindness, goodness, sincerity and compassion or are you overflowing with bitterness, anger, jealousy and cruelty? You may have experienced abuse, trauma or grief that resulted in a lot of inner pain, but the good news is that there is inner healing.  Do not allow past hurts to ruin future success.  What you experience from others is also a reflection of what’s within them.  For example, if you are in a relationship and your partner is full of honor, you will experience that honor too, however, if your partner is full of cynicism, you will experience that cynicism too.   There is a tendency to “put one’s best foot forward” in courtship, but overtime, true colors will show.  Believe your partner’s overflow; in other words, believe both the green flags and the red flags because they are a reflection of what’s contained in the heart.