Strung Along Until Your Heart Strings Are Out Of Tune And The Song Therein No Longer Makes Musical Sense Because Marriage Is Clearly Not On His Mind


As a woman, when you first begin dating a man you are attracted to and he encapsulates all you desire in a potential husband for your happily ever after, you constantly romanticize and imagine yourselves skipping through endless green grassy fields filled with gorgeously coloured flowers, surrounded by dancing butterflies who seem to be in sync with those in your stomach every time you lay eyes on him. There’s constantly a song in your heart, a beautiful love song, keeping your heart strings in tune with one another.

Time passes and although he says “I love you”, often, it’s been years of dating and when you ask where the relationship is going you never get an honest answer. Firstly, you shouldn’t be asking, he should be telling you, he should be taking the lead.

Generally, if a man wants to marry you, he will make his intentions very clear. The opposite is unfortunately also true. If he has no intention of marrying you, he may string you along as long as it’s convenient for him and you allow it.

Eventually when you have been strung along until all the green grass has browned, all the flowers in the field have withered, all the butterflies have died, your heart strings are out of tune and the music therein no longer makes musical sense, the relationship is strained and no longer going anywhere, why are you still hanging around when marriage is clearly not on his mind?

What keeps you there when there is no promise of a covenant marriage and a future together?

You probably know this, but like with all matters of the heart, it’s not always easy to walk away.

Is it ultimately a lack of trust in your Heavenly Father and trusting in your own abilities, only, to find your man?

You deserve better, you must know that.
Don’t allow yourself to be treated this way and and don’t allow your daughters to be treated this way. (Men, do not treat women this way and teach your sons not to do it either.)

Whilst you keep yourself unavailable, in a dead end relationship, you are missing out on happily ever after with someone else.

God knows your worth, and it doesn’t change whether you are dating to be married, married or single. He paid for you with His most precious gift, His only Son. He also created you for marriage not for dating, His Word is very clear on that.

The question is “What do you believe and what do you want?”

Trust Your Heavenly Father to cross your paths with the right man for you, and don’t get strung along. He knows your future, and is the only One who can take you there to fulfill His purpose in your life.