Marriage goals for 2018


Please consider attending this DVD-based marriage course called “A Biblical Portrait of Marriage” by Dr Bruce Wilkinson as part of your marriage goals for 2018 if you reside in the Northern Johannesburg area or if you have a friend in the area and you can encourage them to attend. It will be held at the Indaba Hotel. It is 2.5hours every Friday for nine weeks starting 2 February and it will change your marriage if you allow the Holy Spirit to convict you and then apply the principles. It covers topics such as Leaving, Cleaving, Role of the Husband as the head , Role of the Wife as the Helper, Submission as the wife, Love as Christ loved the church for husband, In-laws, Money, Sex, Communication, Romance and Loyalty. The last Friday is the Easter Weekend and depending on attendees we are happy to work around completing before Good Friday.
There are just under 4 weeks to register so please inbox me (Megan) to reserve a place at