How Do I Know A Man Is Suitable To Marry? A Man’s Perspective


Whilst it is difficult to even hear, let alone act on, anything negative about the man you have set your marital hopes on, and whilst the decision who you marry remains entirely with you, consider the following;

Top 3 attributes my husband says He will encourage a woman to check before she considers a man suitable to marry;

  1. Does he love the Lord (and is there convincing evidence of this)?
  2. Do you admire him (this is an indication of whether you will be able to respect him once he becomes your husband)? This should be what will stand the test of time, related to character not appearance;
  3. Is he wise (does he apply the Word of God to his life and is there convincing evidence of this)?

P.S. He says he will check this himself on our daughter’s behalf when she is ready to marry many years from now. She is her daddy’s princess after all and he wants only the best for her.