Your Husband Should Be Your Closest Confidant, In Fact The Should Be Your Best Friend, And You , His


Your husband should be your closest confidant, in fact he should be your best friend, and you, his.

We share our whole lives together with our husbands. We live together, we sleep together, we are intimate together, we attend church together, we pray together, we raise our precious kids together, we spend leisure time together and much more.

They should know our strengths and our areas we need to grow, our dreams and our realities, our gains and our losses, our rejections and our victories, our hurts and our joys, our frustrations and our breakthroughs and all there is to know.

Besides, our Heavenly Father says we are one.

It therefore doesn’t make sense that someone else should hold the title “best friend” in our lives.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have other close friends but our most emotionally intimate friendship should be with our husbands.