Perfection is out! Holiness is in!


God has not called us to be perfect as wives but to be holy and excellent.

Perfection is carefully crafted works trying to please everyone, in our own strength. It can drive us to strive for material things that are seen outwardly to impress and gain favour with man, appearing to be the “perfect wife” but falling apart inside. It’s exhausting and temporary.

Holiness is humbly walking by His grace to do that which is right and excellent, not that which is perfect. It is saying,  “Lord , we cannot do everything perfectly as wives but we want to and will strive to do that which is holy and that which is excellent in Your sight. We need You as we cannot do marriage Your way in our own strength.”  Holiness makes us seek Him who can make us holy on the inside, transforming first our hearts and minds and ultimately our behaviors. He will then give us wisdom and stature, favour with Him, our husbands and man. This kind of blessing is liberating and has eternal value.

Luke 2:52 NIV
And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Holiness makes you seek the guidance of The Holy Spirit.