When l first learnt about submission, l dismissed it as l thought it wasn’t meant for me. l didn’t get to understand the topic in the first years of my marriage. l was one of those wives who was so independent and would make impromptu decisions on my own without involving my husband.
It was only after l received the revelation on submission that l discovered how l deprived my husband the role that God has bestowed upon him being the head of the family and the leader. It didn’t come easy for me especially where l was expected to submit to him knowingly fully well at times that he would be making a wrong decision and l am still expected to submit regardless of the outcome.
One thing that gives me comfort is that he is accountable to God for all the decisions he makes whether wrong or right. When l was first taught about submission l was laughing inside and l recall after the couples meeting making my own independent deep research on it hoping the findings would be otherwise.
When l learnt that by submitting to my husband l am actually submitting unto God it was pure revelation and gave me comfort and peace of mind. Today l understand that submission is husband and wife working as a team and when a decision cannot be jointly agreed, the husband as the leader has the final word.

To sum it up, submission as I now understand it is as follows:

✓ Submitting because it is pleasing to God and being obedient to His word (Ephesians 5vs22-24)
✓ Submission takes humility
✓ It takes a lot of prayer and relying on the Holy Spirit
✓ Thinking of my husband needs before my own
✓ Uplifting my husband as much as possible
✓ Making intimacy a priority
✓ Is not putting the will of the husband before the will of God
✓ Allowing my husband to give spiritual direction in our family
✓ God expects me to submit ONLY to my husband (not uncle, in laws, brother etc.)
✓ Submission is not agreeing on everything especially that which is contrary to the word of God

You might be wondering where do l start off from? Where do l get more info on this topic or other related issues. In marriage we all learn every day and we should invest in our marriages. I strongly encourage you to register for a 9 week course called “A Biblical Portrait of Marriage “by Dr Bruce Wilkinson that is currently facilitated by Helper Wife (next in February) or find a Bible-based course to attend that will teach you God’s principles for marriage. It’s through these teachings that l got my breakthrough . You too can get yours today it’s never too late.  Today l am enjoying my marriage even more because l have a better understanding of my duties and roles as a wife!

Photo credit : Dual Reflexion Photographic Studio