Being stubborn about continuing to do the wrong things will take your marriage backward; being teachable so you can do the right things will move your marriage forward


Personal testimony

Years ago I wasn’t always a helper wife, a submitted wife, a wife who respected her husband, yet I was a wife who loved her husband but it was no longer enough. And to top it all I was stubborn to change because I believed the problem was with my husband.

Part of the problem was also that I didn’t know how to be a wife after God’s heart. I had never paid the right kind of attention to any teaching in order to transform.

We were no longer enjoying our marriage as there was too much strife and eventually it all got too much but because I loved my husband, I knew I needed to change. When I finally decided to be teachable and be led by the Holy Spirit, I truly began to transform into the wife God called me to be. It wasn’t an overnight journey but it was one I was committed to complete. I was also blessed to have other godly women I respected willing to mentor me.

If your marriage is not where you want it to be, I encourage you to take responsibility to learn how to do it God’s way, study His Word on marriage, be willing to take a marriage course, go for counseling if need be, be willing to let other godly wives in your world mentor you and most importantly be willing to be led by the Holy Spirit.