When you pour water in a cup, the water level rises until it reaches the brim.  At that point, the cup can no longer contain more water, so if more water is poured there will eventually be an overflow of water out of the cup.   The overflow is when the contents pour out or spill out.  When there is an overflow, the surroundings are affected.  In other words, everything in close proximity will get wet.  Your inner being can be likened to a cup that holds either healthy or unhealthy contents.  It’s only a matter of time until what[...]
You Are Loved, You Are Important and You Have Purpose! Guest Blog by Kim Gwanzura
I remember when I was teen, I would imagine what my life would be like when I became an adult. I would always say, “I will get married at 25, have my twins at 27 (1 girl and 1 boy) and adopt 2 more children at 29 (maybe another set of twins).” Lol, I really had my life planned out. Oh, but life had a different path for me. My 30th birthday is coming up soon, September 15th to be specific for those who want to send PayPal cash gifts, lol. I remember turning 29 and feeling depressed at how[...]
You have a stain on your shirt: Red Flags! Guest blog by Kim Gwanzura
Imagine you’re at an event and every time you walk up to someone their face changes, (and not in a good way). This happens a few more times and you start thinking maybe something is wrong with your appearance. You head over to the bathroom and realize you have a huge stain on your shirt. Embarrassing, right?!? It’s easy to spot the stain on someone else’s shirt than it is on our own. I started off the process of writing this article by asking different groups of people who are mostly single, in a “situationship” or dating what would be[...]
SINGLE AND PREPARING: PART II by guest, author and speaker Carol Shereni
Imagine…that the day you have waited for finally arrives. It’s the delightful day that you walk into your newly built dream house! The dream that once lingered in the crevices of your imagination finally becomes a reality. You built the house with much passion, sweat and tears but within a few years of living in the house, you encounter cracks in the walls, sagging floors and warped ceilings. After seeking expert advice from the structural engineer, you are informed of the devastating news that foundation failure is the cause of the structural damage to your dream house. None of us[...]
Living Single – things to leave in 2017
Dating is awkward. Getting to know someone with the intention of hopefully dating them someday which will eventually result in marriage is awkward. Dating as a Christian is awkward. It’s a lot of awkward, LOL! So seeing as the year has just begun, I decided to make a list of things single people, myself included, should leave in 2017 to avoid heartbreak from unmet expectations. Some of this is from personal experience and some from conversations I have had with friends and acquaintances over the years. Here we go: 1. “We’re talking” –This is very popular among millennials. We seem[...]
PART 2: The Naked Truth About Your FUTURE EXPECTATIONS before The Real World Sets into Your Marriage
She dreams of a double-storey townhouse surrounded by flowers and lush green grass in a leafy suburb close to her office. He dreams of zero debt, meaning no bond, a rental apartment instead, while they save, until they have enough cash to pay for an affordable home, not necessarily double-storied or in a leafy suburb. She thinks the cars they each currently own can last at least two more years. He can’t wait to buy the latest model of his make once they get married as he plans to spend as little as possible of his savings on the honeymoon[...]
PART 1: The Naked Truth About Your Past Before It Shows Up on The Doorstep of Your Marriage
There is a knock at the door, a middle-aged woman unlocks and opens it. On the doorstep stands a young man in his early twenties. Neatly clothed in a crisp white shirt, a blue jeans and matching sneakers, he reaches out his hand to shake hers and nervously blurts out “Hi Mam, I’ve been told you are my real mom.” She recognizes him instantly, all these years his adoptive mom had kept her up to date with photographs. She never expected though that he would just show up like this without any warning! She breaks out into a cold sweat[...]
Strung Along Until Your Heart Strings Are Out Of Tune And The Song Therein No Longer Makes Musical Sense Because Marriage Is Clearly Not On His Mind
As a woman, when you first begin dating a man you are attracted to and he encapsulates all you desire in a potential husband for your happily ever after, you constantly romanticize and imagine yourselves skipping through endless green grassy fields filled with gorgeously coloured flowers, surrounded by dancing butterflies who seem to be in sync with those in your stomach every time you lay eyes on him. There’s constantly a song in your heart, a beautiful love song, keeping your heart strings in tune with one another. Time passes and although he says “I love you”, often, it’s been[...]
The narrow road of sexual purity before marriage
God created sexual intimacy for marriage only. Abstaining before marriage is a narrow road indeed. The narrow road of sexual purity is often times lonely because few choose to walk through that “small gate.” It is winding and littered with bends, hills and valleys. These are often hard and painful times of ridicule, rejection and lost relationships. Matthew 7:13-14 NIV [13] “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. [14] But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and[...]
Blink the stars out of your eyes and check the potential husband out properly
God never tells us exactly which man to marry, it’s our choice, He has given us that power. He only tells us that we must marry a believer ( 1 Corinthians 7:39 NIV; 2 Corinthians 6:14NIV) This doesn’t mean we cannot consult him though prayer on exactly which man to marry, we can pray about anything and He will hear us, but ultimately the choice is ours whether we listen or not. Many of us would have heard about “godly” men doing ungodly things and then we say “but he is supposed to be a Christian” and we “blame” God[...]
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