My Passion

Passionate to encourage married women and those preparing to marry through my  personal walk with a biblical world-view.
I am no expert, I need God's grace.
I share this passion for godly marriage with my husband.
If we can heal a marriage, we can heal a family, heal a community and ultimately we can heal a nation.

We are happy for you to send us general questions or prayer requests by emailing us on info@helperwife.co.za

If you need counseling, it is best to consult your local pastor or go to a Bible-believing church in your area where you feel welcome and at home to seek the help you need. Marriage counseling should be conducted face to face with wise counselors you choose to entrust the confidentiality and health of your marriage to.

These counselors should love God, love people, believe in godly marriage, believe in the entire Bible, have a great marriage themselves, be prepared to walk with you and most importantly, point you to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and not to themselves.

God bless you,
Loved Wife, Respected Husband

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